Wildlife Conservation

Hands-On Wildlife Conservation

From July 2018, as part of our conservation initiatives, we give guests the opportunity to study wildlife with our researchers. You can help us reveal nature’s wonders, and even get the chance to discover a brand new species!

At Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge, we are committed to supporting research for nature conservation and furthering the understanding of the rainforest. We strive to connect our guests with the important scientific work being done at the property. That’s why we created the Citizen Science and Hands-On Wildlife Conservation Programs, a initiative that allow the public to participate in the research being done around our jungle lodge, to empower people through citizen science and hands-on wildlife conservation.

Teen Travel & Volunteer Abroad Programs

Brazil: Rio & Amazon Expedition™

Discover two crown jewels of Brazil: Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon jungle.

Duration: 21 days
Program Type: Animal & Wildlife Conservation
Start Dates: Jun 23, 2019; Jul 7, 2019