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Amazon Jungle Basecamp

Completely off the standard beaten track, through rustic style living conditions, staying at Jungle Basecamp is an extraordinary trip, back to nature.

Is a rustic tented basecamp, located just about 20-min walking from our jungle lodge. A favorite haunt of wildlife enthusiasts, filmmakers, and opinion-shapers, it’s one of the few places where wild animals slide so close by to the side of you that you can reach out and photograph them.

There is no electricity at present, and we use lamps and candles at night which create a pleasant atmosphere at the Jungle Basecamp. However, we are in the process of introducing solar energy.

Through simple, rustic style living conditions, staying at Jungle Basecamp during your 6-Day Active Wilderness Expedition is an extraordinary trip, back to nature. You’ll be bathing at a freshwater well, and meals are cooked native style on wood fire. The minimal facilities are balanced by spotless service and a staff eager to create great experiences for visitors – be it tasty meals, jungle treks, or wild animals spotting accompanied by local trackers.

Also, is a place where groups meet to test out technology and other equipment for the Jaguar Vision. Experts can display specimens or photographs of plants, insects, or others organisms. Live specimens can be displayed for a short period of time before returning them to their habitats. Our Jungle Basecamp can be an exciting, dynamic environment where scientists, event organizers, and participants can all come together before or after bioblitzing in the field.