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Frequently Asked Questions

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is something we’ve not covered here.

What is the weather like?

At an altitude of 472ft above sea level, it is beautiful all year round. Visitors can expect:

  • Generally hot, humid days and cooler nights.
  • May to October are the drier months with short rains.
  • The long rains usually run from April to early May.
  • February and October are when the trees burst into flower. This is a wonderful time to celebrate!

What should I pack?

  • A Day backpack (10lt) – a small bag which you can access during the day and carry items like your:
  • Lightweight and breathable, wash-and-wear long pants; synthetic materials are best as cotton does not dry quickly; zip-off pants are suggested for maximum comfort
  • T-shirts, shorts, bathing suit and hat
  • Insect repellent and sunblock
  • Waterproof hiking boots or sturdy shoes as well as sandals or flip flops for around the lodge or on the boat.
 Brazil is the home of the famous Havaiana flip-flops
  • Torch/flashlight (headlamp) with batteries
  • One liter water bottle or canteen. Filtered purified water is always available to refill your personal water containers.

What kind of food can I expect?

The food is one of the highlights. Our organic garden supplies year-round fruit, vegetables and herbs for daily use in the kitchen.

  • Fresh bread, pasta, ice cream, jams, jellies and condiments are homemade.
  • Menus are planned according to season.
  • Most of our ingredients come from our organic farm or free roaming pasture-raised livestock.
  • Please inform us of any dietary requirements or allergies prior to arrival.

Can I drink the water?

We recommend it. Bottled water is available free of charge and supplied in big recyclable containers. As a stand against pollution, we do not encourage the use of plastic bottles. Please re-use any water bottles you bring with you and take them away when you leave.

Is there electricity?

  • The mains power line supplies 110V electricity through Brazilian-style two pin plug sockets.
  • Guests are recommended to bring converters & universal plug adapters.

Is there mobile reception? What about Internet?

No mobile reception, and Wi-Fi, are all available.

What languages do you speak?

All guides speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

Should I tip? How much?

Tipping staff is a custom in Brazil and very much appreciated. A lot of people you may not see are working hard to make your stay as agreeable as possible. We operate a communal tipping system, which is distributed to all staff at the end of the month. A recommended tip at Tropical Tree Climbing is $15-20 per guest per night.

What about my health? What vaccinations do I need?

  • Full medical and travel insurance is recommended.
  • It is imperative for all travelers to have a yellow fever vaccination no less than 10 days prior to travel if you are coming from or have been to a country with risk of yellow fever.