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Active Wilderness Expedition

6 Days / 5 Nights - From R$2.330,00

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Make lasting memories as you choose from exciting activities like tree climbing, tracking monkeys, swimming in a waterfall, fishing and learning traditional indigenous crafts to take home on this exclusive multi-generation adventure as you explore the Amazon’s tropical wild side.

From a secluded jungle lodge tucked into the rainforest, this rare ecotourism adventure reveals less-discovered regions of this globally-acclaimed nature travel hotspot. We’ll hike amid incredible biodiversity, keeping watch for diverse wildlife in highland and floaded forests. We’ll also learn about the land and its people, tour a tropical fruit orchard, and discover how local conservation efforts are protecting untouched landscapes and wild creatures. The Amazon is full of wonders and brimming with surprises—discover them as we explore a range of varied habitats off the standard tourist track.

Journey Highlights

> Search for wildlife on guided rainforest hikes, swim in a waterfall, live in the wilderness sleeping in hammocks and searching for native foods, be surrounded by pristine nature
> Trek through the lush forests of the Amazon, guided by resident Tucano tribesmen who know this land like none other
> Enjoy cultural encounters and learn about how indigenous people past and present have sustained their Amazon lifestyle
> Spot dolphins, birds, and nocturnal wildlife on the Uatumã River
> Spend a night in the rainforest, sleeping in a hammock
> See monkeys a rainbow of tropical birds during guided jungle excursions on foot
> Stay deep within the Amazon rainforest at a cozy conservation-oriented jungle lodge, surrounded by the sounds of nature’s tropical symphony

Why Travel With Us?

Most Travelers Never See the Real Brazilian Amazon. With Us, You Will.

  • Visit the Less-Traveled Northern Amazon

    Our unusual itineraries focus on more remote destinations away from the standard tourist track. Here, we’re surrounded by pristine tropical rainforest within a 667-acre private biological reserve. Tourists—even those who have been to Amazon many times with other tour operators—rarely see this unspoiled region that’s only about 144 kilometers from the city of Manaus.

  • Enjoy a Private Rainforest Experience

    Absorb the jungle’s sensory stimuli as you enjoy a private rainforest trip, delighting in spotting frogs, iguanas, monkeys, parrots, toucans, and lizards, moving at your own pace. This is a far superior experience to noisy, large group outings.

  • Small Groups Equal a Better Experience

    Our journeys accommodate smaller groups with a maximum of 7 guests each for hiking and tree climbing excursions which are cared for by our professional crew. While other companies may offer groups space on trips with more people, ours is the most intimate family-based Amazon experience available. You’ll share wondrous nature encounters with a few other guests who share your passion for the natural world.

  • Organic Fresh Home-Style Cuisine

    Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge directly provides approximately 50-70% of our food from onsite. The kitchen is on a raised and open platform, fully equipped with a wood stove and oven. We harvest seasonal fresh vegetables and fruit by hand, from within walking distance of our kitchen. Any processing that occurs between our farm and kitchen is minimal, and the attention to detail is extensive and ensures freshness and quality. Needless to say, it also greatly reduces waste. Just take a peek into our kitchen. It’s easy, as the open layout invites you to watch us work!

  • Journey Experts

    Accompanying each journey is a diverse team of experts–from naturalists to regional specialists — who will share their knowledge and insights on the wildlife, landscapes and local culture. Not only do they undergo rigorous guide training, including resources from WCS scientists, they are also chosen for their ease with children and ability to relate to younger travelers.

  • Make Your Own Adventure

    While even our pre-planned itineraries are created for small groups, since that’s how nature travel is best experienced, a customized trip takes this a step further: Your private adventure is explicitly tailored to your group’s needs and interests, whether you’re traveling with immediate family, several generations, a group of friends or business associates.

  • Amazon Emotions is a Wildlife Conservation Society Partner

    Working in alliance with the Wildlife Conservation Society, Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge also aims to leave behind a positive legacy by supporting conservation projects in the Amazon. As of March 2018, this effort goes into overdrive and our jungle lodge is packed with botanists, zoologists, entomologists, veterinarians – a diversity of biologists doing exciting field research. The primary focus of all this activity is finding and identifying as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time to assist in the creation of a database that will facilitate a future nature reserve.


Day 1 – Depart from Manaus

Morning Experience, Waterfall Visit

At 9:00 a.m. you will be transferred by car to the Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge headquarters – 667 acres of natural rainforest within the Cave of the Maruaga environmental protection area and located at Km 144 of the BR-174 Manaus-Boa Vista highway, just outside the township of Presidente Figueiredo (this is the highway that leads to Venezuela). It’s about a two-hour drive and along the journey, the vegetation changes from colonized deforested areas to virgin rainforest.

On your way to the lodge, discover some amazing local art, tapestries, books, bows, arrows and other one-of-a-kind souvenirs at Waimiri Atrorari’s indigenous store, located in the small town of Presidente Figueiredo. Leaving the town we will visit one of the spectacular and refreshing waterfalls in the jungle that this area is known for. From the parking lot, the hike to the waterfall then takes 10 minutes, and the landscape is beautiful – with moss-covered trees, bromelias and orchids everywhere. This trail ends with a beautiful waterfall over 10 meters high.

Afternoon Experience, Arrival, and Accommodation

After the waterfall, you’ll arrive to a warm welcome at our jungle lodge. Meet for an orientation snack with our team.

In order to spend more time in the jungle, we serve only two main meals: breakfast and a lunch or dinner. We are happy to provide snacks in between those meals and fresh fruit is always available for your convenience at no additional cost. Not to worry: you and your group will not go hungry!

The lodge, tucked deep within the rainforest, is family-owned and operated as a venture that will allow them to share the wonders of the Amazon with visitors while at the same time preserving the environment.
(Day 1: BL, D)

Evening Experience

Every evening, for all our guests interested in learning more on their own, there is an opportunity to spend the evening exploring the area around the jungle lodge – learning more about the local life in the jungle.

Day 2 – Rainforest Exploration

Morning Experience, Edible Forest Gardening

We will gather at the jungle lodge before heading over to the Edible Forest Gardening Experience in the “Garden”. This trail starts at the side of the main road, across areas where the forest is regenerating and there are large patches of pristine forest. For this reason this trail is ideal to showcase how the jungle recovers from deforestation and the importance of forest conservation for the Amazon region. In the Garden we consciously apply the principles of ecology to the design of home-scale gardens that mimic the structure and function of the forest ecosystem structure, for our food production methods. Learn how the locals use the plants and fruits of the jungle on this cultural excursion. Experience local tradition, and learn about Amazon nature, history and culture.

Afternoon Experience, Recreational Tree Climbing

Prepare for an exciting tree climbing adventure! From our lodge you will embark on a guided walk along a trail that meanders beneath the Amazon rainforest’s thick canopy. Our tree climbing adventure begins with an Angelim Tree (Dinizia excelsa), soaring 200 feet above the forest floor, specially selected for your adventure. You’ll receive thorough instructions in tree climbing techniques, and your guide will be alongside you as you ascend into the canopy. Once high up in the tree, there will be a canvas hammock waiting for you to rest, relax and observe Amazon nature life from a bird’s eye view. Ahhh… we call this Tree Time! The canvas hammock is safely and securely tied to the tree and your safety rope remains locked and secured, permitting you to relax and enjoy your experience in this marvelous treetop canopy.

The forest is transformed completely at dusk: sounds and smells are intensified and other senses are awakened. On a night experience, unlike a daytime ascent, our guests find the beauty in the small details, such as the croaking of frogs or the hum of insects. And if you turn off your flashlight you can observe the sparkle of fireflies in the woods, or hear the flutter of bats – and if you look carefully at the ground, you might see the faint glow of bioluminescent fungi below. When you turn on the lights again you can see the reflection of hundreds of tiny insect eyes all around. As we come down from the tree and make our way back to the lodge you can hear the call of cicadas, owls and other night birds. Enjoy your evening dinner at our jungle lodge, learn more about the family’s efforts to preserve the land and the traditions of the local people.
(Day 2: B, BL, D)

Day 3 – River Canoe Trip

Morning Experience, Canoeing on the Uatumã River

After breakfast, you will be transferred by car from the jungle lodge to the boat ramp where our motorized canoe awaits. The lake and island ecosystems formed by the dam are protected by the 938,720 hectares (2,319,600 acres) Uatumã Biological Reserve, a strictly protected conservation unit created in 2002. Be ready to observe river dolphins (Inia geoffrensis) in the wild and also many birds of the region. Be ready to observe river dolphins (Inia geoffrensis) in the wild and also many birds of the region. The Uatumã is home to some of the most prized game fish in the Amazon. Some of the most popular of which include the peacock bass, catfish, piranha. Whether you are a professional or just an amateur you never know what you will find when you cast a lure into the lake. We do provide basic gear and tackle only for simple piranha fishing. This includes a cane fishing pole or for those interested, a fishing spear. For those with a more serious interest in fishing it will be necessary to bring your own gear and tackle. Fishing for piranha is actually relatively easy, always fun, and makes for a delicious catch to grill for lunch and dinner.

Afternoon Experience, Wildlife Observation

While many animals sleep, others emerge, making the Amazon their own. These weird, otherworldly creatures of the night — insects, frogs, alligators, and more — are ripe for discovery. Our jungle night canoeing gives you the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the nocturnal wonders of the Amazon Rainforest. In deep darkness, surrounded by hundreds of jungle sounds and with the help of powerful lights, you enter a world inhabited by the most unique, diverse and shy night creatures.

Spend this night in a hammock with a local family that will be open to receive us.
(Day 3: B, BL, D)

Day 4 – Rainforest Exploration

Morning Experience, Return to the lodge

Rise and shine in the jungle, enjoy your breakfast in the jungle basecamp and be ready to go back to the lodge.

Afternoon Experience, Wilderness Living Skills

Venture out into the jungle with your local guide for a great opportunity to spot unusual insects and animals. You and your guide have the afternoon to explore the jungle, and the focus here is on living in the wilderness. In the jungle you will set up your own hammock camp; this will be your home until the next day! Then your training begins. We will take you through all the skills you need to find water, make shelter, light a fire and procure food. The jungle base camp provides basic accommodations within the native environment – perfect for a night of rain forest camping; open to the fresh air and natural forest sounds, allowing for an authentic rain forest camping experience. The base camp has a stream of freshwater. Learn to slow down and tune in your senses and become an active part of the local ecology. Beneath a starry sky you’ll enjoy the evening’s open camp fire for dinner, where guests congregate and chat over the day’s events.

Through a multi-sensory, hands on approach, we incorporate real Amazon materials including indigenous baskets, musical instruments, rainforest seeds, exotic edibles, palm fiber handicraft, and more. By exploring the indigenous way of life with their relationship to their environment, we can learn how it is possible to be more resourceful and sustainable in our own lives. Our hope is to plant seeds of awareness that will help protect these endangered cultures and environments, as well as our own. Thereafter, you are invited to enjoy a dinner and spend the night in hammocks at the jungle camping base.
(Day 4: B, BL, D)

Day 5 – Rainforest Exploration

Morning Experience, Return to the lodge

Rise and shine in the jungle, enjoy your breakfast in the jungle basecamp and be ready to go back to the lodge.

Afternoon Experience, Relax and Recharge

Enjoy a half-day off to spend the time doing whatever you feel like – no more, no less. You can spend the morning reading on our veranda, honing your skills in our open kitchen cooking traditional meals, or independent exploring around the lodge.
(Day 5: B, BL, D)

Day 6 – Return to Manaus

Rise and shine to enjoy your breakfast at the jungle lodge and prepare for your return to Manaus. Departure is at 9:00 am. Our driver will return you to your accommodations in Manaus, or to the airport to catch a flight to your next destination or home. This is the end of our service.
(Day 6: B)

B: Breakfast, BL: Box lunch, D: Dinner

Modifications to the Itinerary

The weather in the Amazon is unpredictable and we reserve the right to alter your scheduled activities. It may be necessary to change the order of the days in any itinerary at our discretion, based on safety/weather operational considerations. Your safety and enjoyment are our primary concern.

Special Add-On

At Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge, we are committed to supporting research for nature conservation and furthering the understanding of the rainforest. We strive to connect our guests with the important scientific work being done at the property. That’s why we created the BioBlitz Species Inventory, a science project that allow the public to participate in the research being done around our jungle lodge, to teach them about flora and fauna and to help catalog it to help create a future nature reserve.
Starting January 2019, you will have the opportunity to support this project which will include a biologist as an additional resource to make your journey in the Amazon Rainforest complete!

Availability: Departures every day on request from January to December

Please ask for price.


Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge

Situated deep within a private rainforest conservation area, this jungle lodge is owned and run by a family for whom nature conservation is a way of life and constructed using traditional materials and designs, inspired by the traditional house in the Amazon and it’s situated on 667 acres of natural rainforest within the environmental protection area known as Cave of the Maruaga.

Impeccable service and a staff eager to deliver an awesome experience for visitors make our lodge an oasis of simplicity and comfort within the remote infrastructure. The lodge’s beauty is in its minimalist style, ideal for a family or a small group of friends who want a little privacy and independence during their stay in the Amazon rainforest. Read More >>

Prices & Info

Availability: Departures every day on request from January to December
Groups: Never more than 7 travelers!

Rates 2018

Valid from January 2018 to December 2018
Space is limited–reserve today!

Low Season: January to May + October to December

Single Double Triple
R$ 8.525,00 R$ 6.820,00 R$ 5.350,00

High Season: June to September

Single Double Triple
R$ 9.140,00 R$ 7.310,00 R$ 5.740,00

For group prices, please contact us.

Prices are per person and based on single, double or triple occupancy and are quoted in Brazilian Reais. Prices in US Dollars, Euros or other currency will depend on the exchange rate at the time of payment.

Please click here to read our Booking Terms & Cancellation Policy.

Do Children Pay?

  • The journeys are recommended for children over 6 years old. There is no babysitter or childcare available at the lodge.
  • For journeys booked in low season (January to May + October to December): Up to two (2) children under 11 years old accompanying their parents, stay for free at the lodge.
  • For journeys booked in high season (June to September): Up to one (1) child under 11 years old accompanying their parents, stays for free at the lodge. For two (2) children under 11 years old, we offer a 50% discount for the second child.


  • Two (4) Nights at the Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge based on single, double or triple occupancy
  • English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French-speaking specialist guide
  • Meals: Day 1: BL, D / Day 2: B, BL, D / Day 3: B, BL, D / Day 4: B, BL, D, Day 5: B
    B: Breakfast, BL: Box lunch, D: Dinner
  • All ground transfers as indicated in the itinerary
  • Drinking water and natural juices
  • Standard wine, beer or caipirinha included with dinners
  • Basic equipment for the excursion
  • Entrance fee to the waterfall

Not Included

  • Flight tickets and local airport taxes
  • Insurance (mandatory that you purchase appropriate insurance for this trip)
  • Activities
  • Accommodations and transfers not listed in the itinerary
  • Soft drinks (we have no soft drinks at the lodge or on the boat)
  • Photo equipment and binoculars – please bring your own
  • Voluntary tipping of guides and staff
  • Items of a personal nature (laundry, medicines souvenirs, etc.)
  • Any costs arising from unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, landslides, flight cancellations, lost baggage or any other.

Solo Travelers

If you would like to share accommodations with another guest of the same gender, we will be happy to try to accommodate you. This program allows you to pay the per person double-occupancy rate if we find a roommate for you to share with. This is subject to availability.

Physical Requirements

Easy / Moderate
Nature walks on our excursions are generally easy and tend to move at a slow pace in order to better spot wildlife. Bear in mind that it is hot and humid in the Amazon year-round, and during rainy season walking through mud may be necessary while on the trails. Walking in the heat and humidity of the tropics can make the walks more challenging than expected, and the terrain is very uneven and very different than walking on pavement. There are no flat trails for the most part. The daily walks are flexible and routes will vary depending on changing weather patterns and seasonal differences in the regions visited.

Tree Climbing Knowledge and Group Training

No prior climbing experience is necessary. Ascending the tree is comparable to hiking a steep trail with a daypack. Our expert guides outfit you in specially designed tree climbing harnesses appropriately adjusted for your personal size. When the time comes to climb, our guides will provide adequate training for each member of the group before setting out. Part of this preparation includes asking you for some medical information. Based on this information, Amazon Emotion’s team evaluates the best way to provide each guest with an optimal experience and help them enjoy the canopy climbs as much as possible.

Starting / Finishing Point

The journey begins and ends in the city of Manaus, capital of the State of Amazonas, Brazil. We do recommend that you arrive in Manaus one day before coming to Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge. The regular pick-up (hotel) for this journey is at the latest 9:00 am and the drop-off in the afternoon is 14:00 pm at the earliest. If flight schedules fall outside of these recommended times we can organize custom arrival and departure. Please let us know in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

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