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Bespoke Experiences – Do it Your Way

If there’s one thing we love at Amazon EMotions it’s sharing Amazon’s wildlife and wilderness. We also understand, however, that there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ experience. Different people have different tastes and interests, schedules and budgets, and that’s exactly where our Bespoke Experiences fit in. A Amazon Emotions Bespoke Experience puts you in control of where you want to go and what you want to see – consider them a starting point to help you plan the journey of your dreams. You choose your route, camps and lodges, and we’ll put the pieces of the puzzle together to make the journey work.

Need an experienced logistics team to organize your next expedition to a distant river or trail less traveled? Let us put everything together for how you would like to go on your next trip to the Amazon.

Photo, TV and Film

Logistics for Media

Efficient, broad-ranging pre-production work, is the trademark of our staff. In accordance with the client’s often very specific requirements and personal wishes, we: evaluate destinations and set locations; conceptualize the individual’s itinerary; deliberate the program’s feasibility in the Amazon context and give advice, provide vehicles of all sorts and secure the transportation.


Film/Photography Aloft

With our technical rigging experience and photographic expertise, we can help you achieve a new dimension in film making with stunning results. In addition to the cameras and operators that must go aloft, Amazon Emotions is responsible for safety support at these heights. We are specialists in designing and rigging a variety of aerial systems capable of moving remote cameras around in a safe condition.


Incentive Adventures

With social responsibility reporting becoming a mainstream endeavor for a vast majority of companies, Amazon Emotions in partnership with Interesting People may be the exact remedy for this paradox between reward and responsibility. The incentive trip has long been the means of rewarding employees for a job well done. Part of that reward is sharing the experience with colleagues and spouses or significant others. And what can be more rewarding in the midst of such company than sharing responsibility for the well-being of others and/or the environment? Amazon Emotions creates one of the most memorable civic engagements imaginable, to address the issue of social responsibility for your clients and potential clients that might be leaning in this direction.





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