About Us

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Our mission is to develop sustainable tourism through local experiences, and science for biodiversity conservation in the Brazilian Amazon’s.


We aspire to use ecotourism to improve livelihoods and reinforce the conservation ethics of traditional cultures that protect and preserve wild areas and animals.


Our philosophy guides our work, and we strive to minimize our footprint to do no harm, putting our words into actions both at work and in our personal lives.

About Us

Amazon Emotions  started as a company named Tropical Tree Climbing with Vanessa and Leo’s decision to return the family to nature, creating the sanctuary that became their home. From those beginnings have sprung the lodge of Tropical Tree Climbing and the bespoke services of Amazon expeditions.

Amazon Emotion’s pride and joy is the Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge, an a family-run company, providing enthusiastic nature lovers with an exciting, safe, and environmentally sustainable travel experience off the beaten path in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest since 2016. Recognized as one of 7 offbeat adventures from around the world in National Geographic Travel, it’s a world away from the elegance of a typical luxury lodge; instead, it offers an insight into the world of a family for whom nature conservation is a way of life. Come and enjoy our hospitality, with its delicious foods, its tranquillity – and the great outdoor adventure that beckons from beyond.

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