Welcome to Amazon Emotions

As part of a strategic framework, Tropical Tree Climbing, a family-run company, providing enthusiastic nature lovers with an exciting, safe, and environmentally sustainable travel experience off the beaten path in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest since 2016, will unveil its new brand, Amazon Emotions.

Amazon Emotions offers the opportunity to experience unforgettable tailor-made Amazonian wilderness adventures in Brazil that blend your dreams with our deep knowledge of this region and our passion for its people, culture, places, festivals, gastronomy, fauna and flora. Every journey is different. But each will share an unflagging attention to detail, a dedication to comfort without compromise, and a clear focus on responsible tourism and long-term sustainability.

Our connections to cutting-edge conservation bring you closer to the wildlife, in a both profoundly moving and meaningful way. Allow us to share our secrets, show you what we love, and let the inspiration of the Amazon Rainforest envelop you fully.

Our Services

Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge

Recognized as one of 7 offbeat adventures from around the world in National Geographic Travel, it’s a world away from the elegance of a typical luxury lodge; instead, it offers an insight into the world of a family for whom nature conservation is a way of life.

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Tailor-Made Expeditions

Our team has long experience of designing bespoke itineraries to take our clients exactly where they want to go, and our passion is surprising you with our attention to detail, our understanding of exactly what you want, and making the whole experience exciting but seemingly effortless.

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Corporate Experiences

Connecting Corporations to Communities. Is the one source for bringing community service to your team of professionals! Exciting and engaging activities are just part of what we offer. Bring the spirit of community service to your group.

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